Theodore Weiss

Theodore Weiss, Senior Reporter

Ted Weiss (11) is very passionate about the pursuit of happiness. He loves cookie dough ice cream and how the color blue. Rap music is the one genre of music that he listens to the most. He can't wait until summer comes around because summer is his favorite season and that's when the ice cream comes in handy. Along with summer, lions are surprisingly his favorite animal. He also explained to me that Edouble is his favorite band which shows he really loves music. Kingsman is a movie that he recently watched and enjoyed. After he watches movies, he likes to go to eat at Adams Mountain Café in Manitou Springs. Also sometimes in his free time, he will watch Harry Potter instead of Twilight while also playing his best choice of video game, Madden II.
He would love to build the louvre building someday because he knows how he would design it. It also turns out that living in the 1960s would be the one decade in history that he would like to live in and wouldn't mind eating dinner with Bernie Sanders while he was at it. He seems to really enjoy television because he watches the Daily Show and loves movies. Paris would be a perfect place for him to play soccer and win an Olympic gold medal. If he could, he would have formulated Einstein's Theory of Relativity. At some point on his journey, he wouldn't mind falling in love, but only with someone who will to live longer than a year. Though he wouldn't be pleased if that girl decided to to date his best friend, but would be more okay with her dating his enemy. He would rather outlive everyone that is important to him.

This is Ted's second year taking Mass Media

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Theodore Weiss