Lock Policy Has Students Up in Air


Theodore Weiss, Senior Reporter

Over a month ago, an article was published on the Prospector to give a brief on a new policy implemented at Manitou that’ll have locks required on lockers.

Last week, the policy was fully implemented and now all lockers have school mandated locks on them.

Teacher confidentially gave locker combinations to students during advisory on October 19.

This system is new to manitou and some students, such as Sami Williams (12), who has been at Manitou Springs High School for four years and has always had the freedom to put a lock on her locker thinks that the system is unnecessary.

“What teachers told me is that they were getting reports of kids (students) putting stuff in each others lockers and like we’re doing that possible because of that, so kids can do that, but that doesn’t seem true to me…. I just think that it is just unnecessary and it should be just been left it be,” said Williams.

Williams later added that the school should’ve put locks inside the lockers and not on the outside, “Or at least if they wanted to use the locks they should’ve put actually locks in the lockers and not just giving us locks.”

Students reactions to the policy is new and is something that students must get used to, whether it is necessary or not, change is happening at Manitou.