Letter to the Editor

Jesse Brinski

Dear Editor,

The absolute sheer frustration and annoyance of the parking lot is no longer tolerable by
students and teachers.

It used to be bearable, but now all it has become is a migraine. The kind of migraine that blurs your vision and strains your neck. With far more spots reserved for teachers, which are often vacant as teachers never fully fill them, students run out of spaces to park entirely. They instead offer us the equivalent of two cents of pocket change and lint and tell us to park on the school’s hill. This is arguably about as dangerous as fighting a crocodile with an arm behind your back. The window of driving between the parked cars on the hill is the same as threading a needle. In this case, the needle has more blind spots than a semi- truck, meaning you have to crawl between the cars slower than grandma on her mobility scooter. However, if you miss the needle hole, you’re liable for tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

I sincerely encourage the school to reconsider assigned parking, as it does not create spots for teachers. All it does is create a headache for all.


Jesse Brinski

MSHS student in Creative Writing

[email protected]