Salida Shows Boys’ Soccer the Exit


Meghann Root

Josh Elkington (12) playing at home against Saint Marys. Elkington scored the opening goal at both Saint Marys and Salida.

Theodore Weiss, Senior Reporter

The bus ride to Salida seemed never-ending for the Manitou Springs soccer team, and it felt even longer coming home, as the team lost 5-1. The Mustangs moved to a 3-6 record overall, and 0-2 for league.

The game started off with Salida taking an early lead, as a through ball split the defense and a Salida offender was able to poke the ball past a charging Manitou keeper, Toby White (11).

However, Manitou was able to tie the game up at 1-1 with just under 10 minutes left in the half, by caption Josh Elkington (12) making the best of a bad pass from the keeper just outside the area.

The goal was caused by striker Patrick Hain (12), who disrupted and charged the keeper to make a bad pass. “I saw the keeper make a bad touch on the ball and saw the opportunity to charge it to get him to make a bad pass,” he said.

However, it was a tale of two halves as Salida was able to score 4 goals against a thin and tired Manitou.

The outside wings for the Spartans were too much for the Mustangs to handle. Three goals came from the outside left wing, cutting in to the end touch line and slicing the defense for an easy tap for a Salida forward.

Junior Varsity also lost on Tuesday by a score of 1-0. The game was cut short due to darkness and lack of visibility.

The Spartans scored after a ball was lobbed over the Manitou defense, which then bounced between the goalkeeper’s legs and hit the net.

The Mustangs’ next game will be on Thursday, October 15, as Manitou takes on E.C.A.(3-8-1) at home at 4:00pm (varsity only).

Assistant coach Nate Johnson is hopeful for a win on Thursday. “I know our guys, and I know we are capable, we have the leadership that can provide the framework for a solid performance,” he says.