Seniors Victorious in Low-Scoring Powder Puff Game

Theodore Weiss, Senior Reporter


Usually footballs games at Richardson Field are played on the Friday Night Lights, but to kick off homecoming for Manitou Springs High School, a game of Powder-Puff was played Monday night. Powder Puff is know for switching up stereotypes as girls play football and boys are the cheerleaders.The freshmen and junior girls played a game of football against the seniors and freshmen girls.

The seniors and sophomores won 12-6. Georgia Findley (12) scored both touchdowns for the senior and freshmen team.

The juniors and freshmen were able to score on a swing run to the outside after a handoff from Monique Heiniger (11) to Anessa McNeil (9).

Heiniger led the juniors and freshmen to a fast start. “Last year we had a really dull game with a lack of energy and I wanted to do something to change that. Seeing my teammates’ faces when I would yell or cheer them on, or draw their attention was a very memorable experience,” she said. Heiniger is also known for her energy, having played soccer at Manitou as a starting goalkeeper since freshman year.

Senior Bella Galardo had a hard time tackling Monique’s energy. “She was pretty energetic and she really wanted to win and you could defiantly see that,” she said.

The cheerleaders this year were two freshmen, Andrew Dillander and Randle Burtoft.

A couple Manitou varsity players helped coach each team, one of them was Atticus Fredrickson (11), who also coached last year. “I thought it was super cool to coach again. It got a little confusing with all the coaches and staff… But all in all, I thought we played great,” he said.

The 2015 Powerpuff game brought a lot more excitement than previous years, and Student Council hopes to continue this spirit around the tradition for years to come.