Editorial: Trevor Noah Shows He’s Capable


31 year old Trevor Noah is from Johannesburg, South Africa. He’s also appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the Late Show with David Letterman.

Theodore Weiss, Senior Reporter

They are called legends for a reason. They’re not only good at what they do, but they are irreplaceable and their shoes cannot be completely filled. They leave a legacy.

Imagine trying to replace Seinfeld. It’d be impossible, the show wouldn’t go on. Or try to substitute another character for Homer Simpson in the Simpsons. It just wouldn’t work.

These icons have a signature that they leave on their audience. For me, Jon Stewart recent retiree and former host of the Daily Show from 1999 to 2015 left his mark on me.

His satirical approach to political news showed me how to laugh at such irresponsible decisions that have been made by not only congress, but the rest of the world leaders.

I remember cracking up on a show in May that derailed the department of Veterans Affairs rule that stated that any veteran that waited for over 30 days and didn’t receive treatment yet, could see out of network doctors.

The catch was that in order to be eligible to see doctors not associated with the VA, the veteran had to live at least 40 miles away from the nearest VA facility or as the rule stated, “as the crow flies”.

To Stewarts delight, the rule was changed just hours after the show aired. “Not six hours after we aired that piece of investigative joke-a-lism, the VA folds,”.

And it saddened me that my late night television host had left and couldn’t show me all the faults let are wrong with our world leaders like the weird rule, “as the crow flies”.

But South African comedian Trevor Noah is up to the task. He’s the newest host of the Daily Show. And I’ll admit, I was skeptical, and so were others. But needless to say when Stewart took the role he had doubters as well.

Some argued that the replacement had to be a women, and a likely candidate was comedian and actress Tina Fey.

But writer for mic.com, Kevin O’Keefe thought differently, “Fey is a terrific talent; writing and producing shows like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a great use of her skills. A late night talk show would be a terrible one. It would be a step down for her career-wise and not one that makes much sense.”

The doubters that thought that Noah was incapable or either the wrong gender for the new role are seemingly being proven wrong.

His new age and international approach has not only been a replacement for Stewart, but rather a revival of it.

And although the format hasn’t changed entirely with an introduction, a brief summary of the news, then later a more in-depth discussion on a topic and ending with an interview. The face of it has.

On his debut, he talked about Stewart being “our voice” and “our political dad” and later touched on him being the new face of the Daily Show. “It’s weird because Dad has left. Now it feels like the family has a new stepdad — and he’s black. Which is not ideal.”

I like the idea of getting a new look on life which is what Stewart did best. He showed his audience the flaws of a political system that thought it was perfect. And Noah will just enhance that with his background and youthfulness.

I was going to give him a month it properly fit in and to see if I actually liked him, but it took less than a week for him to show me that he was capable to fill the vacancy of the irreplaceable.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premieres weeknights on Comedy Central at 11/10c.