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About The Muse

The Muse’s Goal & Policies

The Manitou Muse’s goal is to make an outlet for students to be able to submit and publish their works that previously were not acknowledged. This is a place where creativity and expression is supported, and not just through writing. Submissions include, but are not limited to, creative writing, drawings, paintings, poetry (black-out included), photography, scripts, music, video art, etc. The Muse will adhere to the editorial policy of The Prospector.

The Muse reserves the right to fix any grammatical mistakes that are presented in submitted works. Please be aware, however, that both teachers and students who review your work are busy, and even just quickly reading your work out loud before submitting it can save both groups time. Any changes that aren’t grammatical will be approved by the original author first. If the author doesn’t wish to change this part of their story, then The Muse can choose whether they want to publish it or not.

Everything that is submitted for publication will be reviewed by both a student editor and the adviser, Mrs. Kerrigan. Please be aware that even though creative expression is encouraged here, certain ways of expression may not be appropriate for a school outlet. Stories that include matters involving deaths, suicide, indecency, threatening behavior, language that is bigoted in nature, or obscenity may be sent back for revision or rejected for publication. Please refrain from using foul language or profanity. Both groups, the adviser and student editor(s), will decide whether or not the content in the submission is appropriate for a high school site or not.

The Muse is a school publication, therefore behaviors that do not promote a safe, kind, and rigorous learning environment will not be tolerated by student editors or advisers.

Please, whether you’re submitting a story, drawing, picture, or any other type of creative medium, attacks on individuals or groups of people will not be tolerated. The Muse is a friendly environment where students should feel safe submitting their art, not attacked. Please respect everyone’s opinion (i.e. politics, religion, ideology).


Literature- Please refrain from using foul language, violence, gore, death, indecency, or being overall offensive.

Visual Art- Please avoid nudity, violence, profanity, or offensive content.

Audio Art- Please avoid foul language or offensive content.


Email submissions to [email protected] for review.

*By emailing your submission, you are agreeing to the policies and guidelines outlined above.

***The original Manitou Muse was created by student Kaitlyn Cashdollar as an independent study English course with Dr. Jessica Moen.  MSHS lost the ability to add to The Muse once Cashdollar graduated, so the staff of The Prospector recreated it here.***

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