Rain Slides Give Students Warning


Lily Reavis

The rock slide hit during lunch on October 22. While students were in third block, janitors and grounds staff were busy cleaning up outside.

Theodore Weiss, Senior Reporter

Grades were not the only thing coming down at Manitou Springs High School during finals week.

The rain throughout the night and day of Wednesday caused a rockslide behind Manitou Springs High School’s building, and even hit some students’ parked cars.

Students were forced to move their cars whilst reviewing for their tests during school. However, only one student’s car was damaged.

One student who was forced to move his car was Kieran Lynch (11),  who had no idea why he had to be taken out of his English Three Honors review. “Marley (another student who had to move his car) and I had no idea why we were pulled out of class. All they (the office) said was that there might be a land slide and when we went out there, it already happened. My car was not damaged but I saw some cars that were damaged.”

Rain has impacted the city of Manitou, but students at Manitou Springs High School might start to think twice about where they park. Marley Kaiser (11), who has a designated parking spot, won’t move where he parks.

“I won’t move, unless it rains like it did,” he says.