Snow Days provide much needed family time.  In the future, the time will be spent in front of a screen.
October 30, 2020
Since the beginning of modern schooling, schools have had Snow Days. I think it is unfair to all students and families to cancel the dream days they hope for on a  stormy winter night.

October 28, 2020

Dear Editor: Many people have various views on how to teach students in the midst of quarantining. There have been many different opportunities offered for at home learning that...

October 20, 2020

Dear Editor: Distance Learning is not easy on many of the students at MSHS. In March when facing this challenge, grades were not looming over our heads.  Personal growth and self motivation drove...

October 16, 2020

Dear Editor, Distance Learning has been terrible this year and last. I understand the necessity behind it and wouldn’t want to go back if it meant getting sick, but it is just a major disappointment....

October 16, 2020

Dear Editor: 2020 is a crazy year. We all thought that this would be the great new start of a great new decade. How wrong we were. The new coronavirus COVID-19 has changed almost every facet of people’s...

What this year is good for

What this year is good for
October 15, 2020

536 C.E. is commonly referred to as “The Worst Year Ever” by medieval scholars. By 2020’s end, there may be some competition in that realm. In order to see why, we need to reflect on our past. In...

October 11, 2020

Dear Editor, As I type this, I sit on my comfortable couch, which sits in the middle of my cozy living room. It’s difficult to accept that we are all here again- sitting at home, waiting...

October 11, 2020

To the Editor -- The year 2020 will undoubtedly be unforgettable. This past year has been intense with its relentless waves of adversity crashing down on our communities, truly unearthing the honest...

My Quarantine Experience

My Quarantine Experience
September 30, 2020
It does not seem fair to the teachers to have to plan to teach online or in class or both just with a night's notice.

Gideon Aigner’s Mustang Positivity

Gideon Aigner (far right) in a selfie with the crowd at the St. Mary's boys' basketball game in January.
April 1, 2020

I miss you, Manitou. I know that the phrase “Don’t peak in high school" is a chliché; I don’t think that this year has been a peak, but it sure has soared until now. Now, we all have a new challenge...

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