Euphoria: Manitou Springs High School’s up and coming band


Paige Harrison

Lucas Grieb (12) & Lance Warner (12) pose for a band photo, outside in Manitou Springs, CO, with their guitars.

Paige Harrison, Senior Reporter & Editor

​​When senior year rolled around, Lucas Grieb (12) and Lance Warner (12) got into the punk-rock music crowd; which is when they decided it was time to start their own band, Euphoria. 

Naming the band came easy; they named it after the feeling they had in that moment, “euphoria”. “Euphoria” is the feeling or state of extreme excitement according to Merriam-Webster.

With Grieb on bass and Warner on vocals, guitar, and song mixing, they were missing a key element: a drummer. Grieb and Warner put up flyers in the halls of the Manitou Springs High School  asking for a drummer, which is when they got a text from Asher Evans (11), who is now the drummer for Euphoria. 

Practicing in Evans’s basement, Euphoria’s first ever album drop is an extended play (EP), titled “Euphoria EP”, which got a significant amount of attention from the MSHS community. Naming songs and albums is hard for any music writer. “I will write a song, and then I’m super unoriginal so I use a lyric [for the title],” Warner said. “It’s not really something we put a ton of thought into; it’s just whatever comes to us and seems right.” 

“The song ‘Dog Walter’ was a joke until we actually wrote it and it became one of our favorite songs,” Grieb said.

After high school, my plans are to become a professional punk rocker. We have dedicated our lives to punk rock.

— Lucas Grieb (12)

After high school, the band members seem to have similar plans. “I haven’t figured that out,” Warner said.  “More publicity, more gigs, it would be more of a career; but for now, it’s just a hobby and I have fun doing it.” 

Grieb said,“After high school, my plans are to become a professional punk rocker. We have dedicated our lives to punk rock.” 

Playing music in the Punk genre, practicing weekly, and working hard to release new songs, Euphoria has one set goal in mind. “[Playing] live music, everywhere and anywhere,” Warner said. 

Although these band mates have some serious goals for their future, there is still fun to be had. Grieb said, the best part about the whole thing is, “Playing bass and having some funky fun with my buddies while making music.”

Grieb and Warner are working towards their goals, and getting new songs and albums out whenever possible. Warner expressed some words of encouragement for those who are considering starting a band. “Don’t let anyone play in the band that is a bad influence on the band, practice consistently, make sure everyone has a good attitude [and is] content with the music, make sure everyone is on the same page.” 

As seniors in high school, Grieb and Warner are looking to expand their name through the close knit community we call home: Manitou Springs. To do so, Euphoria is now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Instagram