Boys’ Soccer Plays Back to Back

Theodore Weiss, Senior Reporter

Thursday and Friday were polar opposites for the Manitou Springs Varsity Soccer Team playing back to back games. On Thursday, the soccer team played The Evangelical Christian Academy at home and won 3-0.

The game started off with a goal from captain Josh Elkington (12) after goalie Toby White (11) lobbed the ball over E.C.A.’s defenders and Elkington ran to flicked the ball over the keeper and tapped the ball in just before halftime.

Elkington then took a short corner and chipped the keeper and Gianni Truscelli (10) nodded the ball in the net for an easy tap in to make it 2-0.

Elkington then received a pass from a midfielder and fooled the goalkeeper by striking the ball into the near post and in for the final goal of the day.

Elkington finished the game with 2 goals and 1 assist Thursday.

The Mustangs had to play back to back conference games due to inclement weather that cancelled their away game at Colorado Springs Christian School.

The fatigue of back to back games got the best of the team and the Mustangs’ went down 0-4 in the first half after CSCS wingers got outside of the Manitou defense that lead to multiple goals in the half.

Although the score line said the Manitou were unable to score that doesn’t mean that they didn’t create chances.

A Manitou winger crossed the ball on the left hand side, however no Manitou attacker was able to capitalize on the chance.

Sophomore Nick Vidovich also had another chance this time in the second half. Vidovich spun around a CSCS defender and shot from outside the 18 however the CSCS keeper was able to save.

CSCS capitalized on their chances unlike Manitou and scored two goals in the second half to end the game 0 6.

Manitou hope to rest up over the weekend as they play Lamar at home for senior night at 4 o’clock for junior varsity and 6 o’clock for varsity Monday.