Local Homeless Camp is Being Cleared Out


The Dream Center puts donated clothing in a line to be handed out to homeless people.

Adelyn Powell, Junior Reporter

The police recently got permission to clear out a large homeless camp– known as “the quarry”– as reported in the Colorado Springs Gazette article, “Colorado Springs Homeless Camp Within Sight of Police Headquarters Being Cleared Out”. They are expected to be evacuated by Monday, December 10th and those who refuse will be cited for trespassing.

The police hoped for, “absolute voluntary compliance,” which is a lot to ask when you are forcing the inhabitants of at least 145 shelters to suddenly take all their belongings and leave. While there are plenty of resources for homeless people nearby, many of them aren’t accepted in the community, such as the disabled. This makes it difficult for homeless people to get their lives back in order, even with all the resources they are given, and sends them back out on the streets with nowhere to go.

It is completely understandable to want to get a homeless camp off private property, but nobody seems to understand that these people have nowhere else to go. This process could be carried out in a much better way and there could be much more done to ensure these people have the help they need and have a place to go.