Adelyn Powell

Adelyn Powell, Junior Reporter

When it comes to paranormal happenings, freshman Adelyn Powell has something to say. Whether it’s the ghosts in her closet or the demons in her basement.  “I definitely believe in ghosts and demons and all those kinds of stuff, because I think that if the universe is so big, there’s no way that stuff like that can’t exist.”

She has seen many paranormal activities in her days. She will sometimes wake up with strange bruises and cuts on her body. 

“Most recently there was a giant bouncy ball– the kind that has a handle and you can bounce on. It rolled across my room by itself multiple times and the second time, it knocked over a lamp. I threw it out of my room and hasn’t brought it back yet.”

She has even had experiences with demons.  “This one time I woke up with sleep paralysis, and I saw this dark figure swinging something and stepping towards the bed.”

While life can be boring and lame for most of us, for Powell, life will always be full of interesting events. 

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Adelyn Powell