Letter to the editor

Sammi Clapham

Dear Editor,

I am Sammi Clapham, a junior at MSHS in Mr.Gillard’s creative writing class.

I believe at Manitou Springs High School there shouldn’t be long advisories or any at all. If they are important to other people, I think there should be at least one advisory a week.

The reason I feel this way is because whenever we do have an advisory every day, it just seems a little pointless. For example, I remember one day just sitting there at the desk, looking at the math problems on the board from the class before just to make the time go by faster. Right when the clock turns to 10:04, I quickly get up, wait by the door, adjusting my backpack straps on my shoulders while anxiously waiting for the bell to ring. Having shorter or no advisories can probably give us a longer lunch. Honestly, I just think it is more reasonable.

Although I feel this way, I still understand that it could be helpful for certain reasons. Thank you!


Sammi Clapham
MSHS student in Creative Writing

[email protected]