Letter to the editor

Cameron Battig

Dear Editor,

Simply put the school parking lot is not large enough to accommodate the staff or student driver population at Manitou Springs High School. There are far more drivers than spots available.

I can not begin to tell you the amount of times I’ve been with friends following other students around the lot multiple times trying to find a spot and ultimately having to “make a spot” because if we don’t we will either be panicked by the thought of our cars rolling away or being hot on the hill,  getting a ticket, or being horribly late to our classes.

Picture this. You leave with a friend to go get lunch and hurry back to park and eat. You’re too late, you drive around and around your stomach drops into a pit and your face gets hot with frustration. Time tics down and down but still no spot. You start saying “uurrg come onnn” and have to park on the hill which leaves you with a sick anxious feeling having to risk rolling. By now you’re late to class and have to be embarrassed by getting a tardy. On top of all that, you still haven’t finished your food so the pit in your stomach rumbles and hurts.

It is my opinion and the opinion of others that once the middle school is demolished it should be converted into a larger parking lot. This creates ample parking for staff and students that is convenient and safe it also aligns with the plans to renovate the school.


Cameron Battig

[email protected]