Letter to the Editor

Dalton Gates, Senior Reporter

Dear Editor,

The silence is deafening, the unenthusiasm is disheartening, and the lack of notice or
appreciation is absurd, even consciously ignorant. The lack of care or attention to other activities differing from the average sports or sport-adjacent activities, while the other activities work for the goals and competitions with the same or arguably more effort and time given is immensely saddening and disappointing.

Sports like Cheer and Track get sent with such extravagant send-offs for these competitions or big games, sometimes even with live bands performing as the staff and students cheer,
congratulate and wish luck to those. While for instance our Theatre department does them
competitions against ten other schools with none of the appreciate or attention they rightfully deserve. They just go unacknowledged for their hard work and performance. Even choir does not receive this treatment. When students achieve the chance to perform with a state or national choir, even after many months of practice to achieve a possible national level, the school itself stays mostly silent, unseen, invisible. Even with our Band, that has many members go on and be accepted into state bands go completely unnoticed, only those knowing are those who leave, and the ones actually know them.

I know the sports of our school deserve to be appreciated, but not at the expense of all these other activities. What is currently happening to our unseen and unrecognized activities is unfair, unjustified and incorrect and that needs to change.

Dalton Gates

MSHS student in Creative Writing

[email protected]