Review: Think! App

Hunter Warren, Reporter

A movie involving a spinning top and a gun=what? Top Gun of course.
This is only one of the many categories and mind games that are
available in the game called Th!nk, which is available on the App
Store. It provides categories such as countries, movies, tv shows,
etc. and icons to go along with them and then one have to fill in the
blank and guess the right answer. There are 43 levels that increase in
difficulty as levels progress. If you get stumped and can’t figure it
out, it gives you hints to help the player prevail. After fully and
successfully completing the game for the second time, I have come to
several conclusions. First of all, it isn’t meant for the less
intelligent people, that’s for sure. Without Mr. Hilt (my main wingman
when I was stumped) and pop culture queen Mia Elliott, I’m not sure if
I would have finished the game. In fact it takes quite the brains to
complete this game. It forces one to critically “think” and navigate
through different ways of thinking than what some one might be used
to. Even though this sounds like a lot of work and focus, it’s well
worth it. There is some real satisfaction after struggling with a
level for so long, and then finally the answer comes and the genius
has officially been revealed. The gratification is truly immense and
in some cases, breathtaking.
Another important thing to know is that without a basic
knowledge of pop culture, geography, and visual learning, it would be
a true challenge and ultimately not worth the time.
The whole reason I downloaded this game in the first place was because
one of my old friends Connor Walters introduced me to it, and boy oh
boy was he a smart one, so obviously I wanted to take after him. Being
that I have a pretty short term memory loss, I forgot everything and
it was a whole new journey re-discovering the game, and I loved it
just as much as I did the first time