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A Snowman Can Have Romance, Man!


I was born on December 20th. I am 3 balls of snow tall and have a beautiful wool
scarf. I am one of the only snowmen on this suburban block. This is the tale of my love. It
is a nice chilly winter day. The snow glistens in the light and crisp air fills the streets. As
the quiet arctic day goes on, I catch a glimpse of a gorgeous snow-lady. She has the
most beautiful coal eyes, and her carrot looks homegrown. Just looking at her puts a
knot in my stomach. She’s a dime piece. I’ve just got to talk to her. I adjust my hat and
grab some poinsettias from the neighbors yard before I muster up the courage to make
my way over.
“Hey sweet thing. What’s your name?” I call out to her. She turns and flashes her
coal teeth at me.
“Well hello handsome, I’m Glacia.”
“Ice to meet you, Glacia,” I hold the flowers out to her. “I’m Coldin.” She wraps
her twigs around them and brings them up to her carrot, taking a big whiff.
“These are amazing, and they smell even better. What did I do to deserve such a
sweet gesture?”
“Well, I just saw you from my lawn and I just couldn’t stop myself. You’re the
most beautiful snow-lady I’ve ever seen.” She laughs and covers her smile with her other
“Oh you’re too sweet. And not so bad yourself.” She moves her hand from her
smile and down to touch my top button.
“Why thank you, sugar.” My little frozen heart starts running warm. “Let me get to
know you, care for some ice cream?”
“I’d love some ice cream.” She grabs me and loops one of her twigs around
mine and I lead her to an outdoor freezer in the neighbors yard where I steal 2 cones.
“Now let’s go, before they notice something is missing.” We wander off into the
snowy neighborhood. Talking and laughing. During our conversation I discovered we
both like kids and dogs. We both love Christmas music and Mariah Carrey. We dance
together and make snow angels. I wish this night could last forever, but as the night was
beginning to set in she tells me she has to go, the kids back home would wonder where
she went.
“Please Glacia, you can’t. This night has been so amazing for me. I feel like I
found my missing puzzle piece.”
“And I to you, Coldin. Today was magical, I’ll never go a night without dreaming of
“So you can’t go. You feel the same, stay with me.” I grab her twiggy hands with
mine and stare longingly into the beautiful black abyss of her eyes.

“Oh Coldin. You know I want to but, even if I were to stay. We both know we will
melt. We’ve already started.” She’s right, throughout the day we both got shorter. Some
of my buttons started to slide down my front.
“I have an idea.” I let go of one of her hands and begin to lead her away. “Let’s
go north. Roger Pass is cold all year around. We will be fine there, we can be together
“Would we make it to Roger before we melt? It might take days.”
I stop moving. “Well, if we start now. Please come with me, Glacia. I promise. We
will never fear the sun again.” She looks back towards her yard. Then back at me.
“They can build another snowman.” She starts walking again.
“Yes! C’mon let’s walk fast. I can’t wait.” We walked all through the night and half
of the next day before we got to the frozen forests of Roger Pass. The forest is thick and
lush, and a cold storm overhead begins to sprinkle snow down onto us.
“Wow, it’s beautiful here, Coldin. There’s so much snow!” She falls into it and
rolls around laughing.
“Isn’t it?” I fall down after her, happily staring up into the cloud covered sky. After
a couple seconds I sit up, looking over at Glacia, laughing and playing. “And you almost
stayed to melt and water the grass.”
“Glad I didn’t.” She comes and sits next to me. She leans in to kiss me on the
cheek, but her carrot touches me before her lips. She giggles and takes off her nose
and leans in again, planting the kiss. She then leans back and pops her nose back in.
“Holy Cow.” I say. Me and Glacia are still living peacefully after, here in the
forested slopes of Roger Pass. Goes to show, shoot your shot, baller.

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