Henry White leaves his mark on MSHS theater


Dinah Mann

Henry White (12) in the play “Our Town” that was performed in the fall of 2021.

Emily Waite, Senior Reporter

Senior Henry White has been actively involved in the Manitou Springs High School theater program since his freshman year. 

In White’s high school career, he has participated in five plays and even helped to direct a show called “Ghosted” in his junior year that was performed in the Theater Buffet. 

White participated in “Our Hearts Were Young and Gay” and “Copacabana” during his freshman year. “I think my favorite play I did was the musical, ‘Copacabana’, White said. “The theater program felt a lot more full and the seniors and the juniors were very good role models to look up to. I got to play a decent sized part with a lot of fun, jazzy dances and I really like jazz.” 

[Theater] has definitely impacted my life. I feel like just the overall experience has made me a more rounded person responsible.

— Henry White (12)

The next year White played a part in the production, “Freaky Friday”. “My sophomore year our play got canceled because of COVID, which was really hard to work that hard on something and have it just all go away,” White said.

In White’s junior year, he participated in “The Astonishing Adventures of White Weevil” for the Theater Buffet. “This was a good year for me. While I did play a role in ‘The Astonishing Adventures of White Weevil’, I also directed a show called ‘Ghosted’ that was in the Theater Buffet,” said White.

During White’s final year in the MSHS theater program, he has been in the productions “Our Town” and is currently working on “Fiddler on the Roof”.

White has had some role in the MSHS theater department for all four years of his high school career and this has had an effect on who he is as a person. “I really enjoy being able to entertain people, making people smile and just having that emotional impact on people,” White said. “It has definitely impacted my life. I feel like just the overall experience has made me a more rounded person responsible.”

White has overall had a good high school experience. “I have really enjoyed high school. I think Homecoming this year was the best experience for me. To be able to all come back and be all together again. I just wish I just feel like that was like the peak, you know, especially this year, and like the past couple years where it’s been super hard,” said White.

White does plan on continuing his career in theater. “I’m definitely going to college,” he said. “I’m undecided on a major, possibly either education, acting or chemistry. I may not do theater as my main career path, but I’m definitely gonna do it as a side thing.”