Upcoming Rock Concert: The Furzurds play the Flux Capacitor


Sarah Bogush

Hunter Bogush (12) listens as the band’s original, “Sally’s Gonna Be a Star,” is in the writing process.

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

Do you like music? Everyone likes music. There’s a rock concert coming up this Sunday at the Flux Capacitor venue.  The bands of the night will include Flaural, MemoryBoy, Loanword, and our very own local band: The Furzurds. As an incentive, this concert is completely donation-based, so you could either just come in and listen for a bit, or you could support some local composers. Your choice.

The Furzurds have been preparing for this for a few months now, so they’ve been able to perfect a few of their songs. For their set list, we should be expecting their originals: Plain White Shirt, Have Some Fun, Black Magic Voodoo, Queen Shoplifter Blues, The World Wont Stop For A Tear, Sally’s Gonna Be A Star, and The Stickmen.

As far as the other bands go, look forward to hearing some psych-noise rock from Flaural, and other rock forms from their pairing composers.

The concert will be at the Flux Capacitor (3530 N. Chelton Loop) on March 13th, at 8:00pm. Get psyched and come join in on the music!

To learn more about the Furzurds, check out this article: https://mshsprospector.org/7975/arts-entertainment/the-furzurds-the-world-needs-rock-roll/.