Upcoming Rock Concert: The Furzurds play the Flux Capacitor

Hunter Bogush (12) listens as the band's original,

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

March 9, 2016

Do you like music? Everyone likes music. There's a rock concert coming up this Sunday at the Flux Capacitor venue.  The bands of the night will include Flaural, MemoryBoy, Loanword, and our very own local band: The Furzurds. As an incentive, this concert is completely donation-based, so you could...

The Furzurds: “The World Needs Rock & Roll”

Hunter Bogush (12) (left) and Darrin Proudfoot (11) (right) jam to their original song,

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

February 24, 2016

"Funny. Loud. Eternal. Raw." are all words to describe The Furzurds. The Furzurds are a psychedelic, shock rock band. Since the end of 2015, when they formed, they've already been recognized by a few locals, so it's clear this band is going places. Now, the question of how they formed. Hunter Bogu...

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The Furzurds