CELEBRATION ENSUES.  After the fans rushed the snowy field, Varsity celebrated in the snow.

Boys Soccer makes HISTORY

Gideon Aigner, Guest Writer April 16, 2021

Manitou Springs High School was founded in 1938, and the first class was held in the building where the elementary school is located now. Thousands of students have walked through those doors, along with...

Koda Oxford's finest hour

Koda Oxford’s finest hour

Jalen Lindh, Reporter April 8, 2021

“Theater’s been my life for a really long time, and I’m glad that before I leave, I get to be a big part of it one more time.” said Koda Oxford when asked how it felt to be cast as the...

Paige Harrison (11), Guest Contributor April 2, 2021

Because you’re a flower, that’s why Throughout a lifetime of words, Many conversations, Numerous times I have asked The most simply complex Question, why? And whether this is about A person...

Quarantine Art

Quarantine Art

Alyssa Rash, Guest Contributor April 1, 2021

The first piece I did back in early 2020 when my mom got new flowers. This was right before the pandemic hit. I wasn't drawing as much as I do currently.  The second piece was from this month...

Katy Vance, Guest Contributor March 31, 2021

This was me when volleyball got pushed back to march and I thought it wasn’t going to happen, while not being able to see any friends and my family was going through a hard time. This was taken...

Lauren Boyd , Guest Contributor March 30, 2021

  I finished this piece the day before the district-wide lockdown was announced. It was a project in which I had to combine art and literature. I decided to use a poem, so I picked one from my...

“how I feel”

Caden Salladay, Guest Contributor March 29, 2021

I wrote this last week. Yes, I know that isn't a long time ago but it is something that strikes a chord in me. I wrote this when I was feeling helpless. Right now I feel as...



Samara Coakley, Guest Contributor March 20, 2021

So, this was a sketchbook assignment by Ms. G to kind of reflect on how COVID has made us feel. I came up with this painting because I’ve struggled with feeling super-isolated at the beginning and...

Seniors Payton Reed, Michael Parker, Grace Olson, and Sophie McKeown hanging out in Advisory before Spring Break.

Dear Seniors…

Jalen Lindh, Reporter March 19, 2021

I know many seniors this year are a little disappointed by how this school year is going. Senior year is usually the one that is a breeze, unless you have to make up credits, then probably not)\....

Gideon Aigner heads to State for Speech & Debate

Gideon Aigner heads to State for Speech & Debate

Gideon Aigner, Guest Writer March 19, 2021

So, this was supposed to be for a bill that I had actually envisioned. I listened to the story of a family seeking political asylum in the “This American Life” podcast (which all of you should take...

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