Upcoming Talent Show

Tyler Doherty (10) and Nathan Plush (11) perform in the Fall Play The Real Inspector Hound.

Sarah Bogush, Warhorse Editor-In-Chief

April 27, 2017

As far as we're concerned, Manitou has never officially put on its own talent show. That's changing this year as Student Council has decided to add a talent show to the upcoming Green & Gold day assembly, which takes place on Wednesday, May 17. If you or a group of friends are interested in...

Editorial: A Voice for the Orcas

Featured here is the largest and most famous orca in SeaWorld, Tilikum. Currently, Tilikum is still alive, yet he has a life threatening bacterial lung infection. For now, he's receiving medication and resting until they can find a cure.

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

April 4, 2016

As of March 17, SeaWorld has made an official rule of banning their famous orca shows. This has been a recognizable issue ever since the film Blackfish was released in 2013. Included in the ban, they've also ruled out orca breeding, so the current generation of whales will be the last. Ever since th...

“Make Art, Not War”: Wunderkind Art Show

Sydney White's (11) winning piece of the Sign of the Times award in the Wunderkind Art Show.

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

March 28, 2016

The Manitou Art Center, a local gallery and studio, holds an annual high school art show. This year, being the 17th showing, five of Manitou's juniors and seniors, along with other district artists, have entries being showcased in the exhibit. Currently, the applications are closed, but the gallery...

Winter Sports Profile: Cole Sienknecht Excels on Varsity Team

Cole Sienknecht (10) is the only underclassman on Manitou's varsity boys basketball team, and his average free throw percentage this season is 63%, a number that has stayed nearly the same since last year.

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

March 11, 2016

Cole Sienknecht (10) joined the basketball team during his freshman year of high school. He managed to impress the coaches with his skill and expertise, and was chosen to join the varsity team. He was placed as the point guard and shooting guard for the team, of which the coaches claim he is except...

Upcoming Rock Concert: The Furzurds play the Flux Capacitor

Hunter Bogush (12) listens as the band's original,

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

March 9, 2016

Do you like music? Everyone likes music. There's a rock concert coming up this Sunday at the Flux Capacitor venue.  The bands of the night will include Flaural, MemoryBoy, Loanword, and our very own local band: The Furzurds. As an incentive, this concert is completely donation-based, so you could...

The Furzurds: “The World Needs Rock & Roll”

Hunter Bogush (12) (left) and Darrin Proudfoot (11) (right) jam to their original song,

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

February 24, 2016

"Funny. Loud. Eternal. Raw." are all words to describe The Furzurds. The Furzurds are a psychedelic, shock rock band. Since the end of 2015, when they formed, they've already been recognized by a few locals, so it's clear this band is going places. Now, the question of how they formed. Hunter Bogu...

Manitou District Earns “Healthy School Champion” Title

Manitou District Earns

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

February 19, 2016

As of now, our district is deemed the "Healthy School Champions"of 2015. This is the first time that all four of our schools, including Ute Pass, Manitou Springs Elementary, the middle school, and the high school, have earned that title together. The Healthy School Program evaluates districts on their...

Loss Against Peyton for Wrestling Team

Atticus Fredrickson (11), at weight 182, wrestling against Peyton

Sarah Bogush and Sita Ahlen

January 28, 2016

On Tuesday, January 26, Manitou had a brief meet against Peyton, with only 5 matches and a number of forfeits. With four losses and only one match left, Atticus Fredrickson (11) pulled through and won the first few points for Manitou. Due to all of the forfeits, the final score totaled to 30...

A Chip Off the Old Block : An Editorial about the Block Schedule

A Chip Off the Old Block : An Editorial about the Block Schedule

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

January 22, 2016

As all Manitou students and families should be aware, we follow a four-block schedule at the high school. There are differing opinions on whether the 7-period schedule would be better for the students and teachers as a whole. The block schedule splits up the school year into two semesters, where core...

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