Fall Sports Profile: Volleyball’s Great Expectations

Ted Weiss, Reporter

Last season (2013-14), Manitou volleyball exceeded expectations, making it all the way to state only to lose their last game in the state final to the Eaton Reds, who the mustangs had previously defeated earlier that season. Last year the Mustangs were coached and lead by Coach Benedict, who won Tri-Peaks Coach of the Year and was a leader for the Mustangs. The volleyball team looks to exceed expectations once again this season as they are lead by senior Sydney Brooks and junior Katie McKiel.

Last year senior Sydney Brooks was a three-season athlete, participating in volleyball, golf and diving for the swim team. Arguably, though, her best sport was volleyball, as she was a key component of Manitou’s run to the state final. Brooks told the Prospector, “My goal for this season is to make it to state and work hard and do as much as we can accomplish because I know that we can do a lot this season.”

Junior Katie McKiel has a slightly simpler goal; “To win state”. This is definitely universal goal throughout the whole team. In addition to being a dedicated and valuable member of the volleyball team, McKiel is also a star soccer player in the spring, but perhaps more importantly for the volleyball team, she’s also does club volleyball throughout the year.  Even though the Mustangs would be considered a powerhouse by many based on their performance in the past, McKiel told the Prospector, “(I believe in) not putting too much pressure on the team and making sure we don’t compare ourselves to other teams and only focus on us.”

Manitou’s volleyball players look forward to another run at state playoffs as they look to exceed expectations for the second year in a row.