A Season To Remember: A Look at Girls’ Soccer in 2019

Ava Spangler (12) and Caileen Sienknecht (12) are two of the captains of the 2019 Girls' Soccer season. They have both played all four years of high school

Riley Cluxton, Senior Reporter

February 22, 2019

Caileen Sienknecht (12) and Ava Spangler (12) are two of the three Varsity Team Captains for the 2019 season. This is Spangler's second year as a captain, and she's been starting Varsity soccer since her freshman year. Captains and seniors have many more responsibilities than underclassmen, such...

Chloe Unruh Starts the Golf Season With A Positive Mindset

Chloe Unruh is a devoted senior golfer on MSHS's Girls' Team. This year she is leading the program with the theme of keeping a positive mindset.

Mackenna Yount, Copy Editor

February 22, 2019

Although golf may not seem like an exciting sport, Chloe Unruh (12) will assure you that it is. The careful calculations of hitting the ball with a club perfectly while taking into consideration wind conditions and the distance from the hole make the guessing game that golf is. Golf tournaments are q...

Time of Turmoil: Track Introduces New Faces and Emphasizes Old Goals

Time of Turmoil: Track Introduces New Faces and Emphasizes Old Goals

Aliah Char, Copy/Photography Editor

February 20, 2019

This upcoming track and field season shows a lot of promise. Despite some concerns regarding periodic adjustments– a new head coach and team composed mainly of underclassmen– there’s also a lot of room for growth. According to Jayden Omi (12), there are “possibilities for State qua...

Rivals to Teammates: A Look at Coronado and Manitou’s Joined Boys’ Swim Team

Jackson Sawyer (12) is the only Manitou Captain for the Coronado Boys' Swim Team. Sawyer has been a big part of the team for all four years, and for his last season he wants to go out with a bang by winning Leagues with his team.

Kaitlyn Cashdollar, Editor-in-Chief

February 20, 2019

As Manitou Springs High School’s Girls’ Swimming comes to an end, the boys’ swimming season is picking up. Even though Manitou lacks its own boys’ team, any boys who still want to swim have to opportunity to join Coronado’s team. In the past, and even now, MSHS doesn’t have enough boy swimm...

A look into the lives of the Heini-Girls

A look into the lives of the Heini-Girls

Lily Reavis, Senior Writer

March 20, 2015

Monique, Briannah and Becca Heiniger are well known throughout our school for being kind, caring, intelligent people who always have smiles on their faces. Together, they span three grades and many clubs and activities. We decided to take a look deeper into their lives, especially into the inner workin...

South Africa: Just What I Did(n’t) Expect.

A giraffe stares Ted Weiss (10) down at the Savannah Africa.

Ted Weiss, Reporter

January 9, 2015

I've been fortunate to travel throughout my 15 years on this Earth to a variety of places, from Europe, Asia to central, South America and within the United States. During this last winter break of 2014/2015, I, Ted Weiss, decided to venture off to South Africa. Okay, so me being the naive Ameri...

Winter sports preview: Manitou wrestling is going for glory

Dominic Frankmore (12) started wrestling when he was in seventh grade. He then won his first tournament in 8th grade. Currently he has lettered all three years in wrestling. He also plays football in the fall and is interested in art.

Ted Weiss, Reporter

December 13, 2014

For Manitou Springs wrestlers Billy Ryan (12) and Dominic Frankmore (12), it's not an easy task motivating their underclassmen. A better wrestler can't help a wrestler that's not as skilled, and a wrestler can't tag in Frankmore or Ryan. But there are other ways to help inspire their teammates. For Rya...

Winter Sports Preview: Boys Basketball Seeks To Exceed Expectations

Steve Jensen (11)  likes to scare his opponents with his growl. Jensen started playing basketball in 7th grade, and hopes to get some double-doubles this season, but also to help his teammates to succeed.

Ted Weiss, Reporter

December 13, 2014

Steven Jensen (11) has certain ways to dominate the paint for his Manitou Springs Boys Basketball team: "Be mean, be very aggressive, I usually pinch them or poke them with my elbows," but the best way to scare his opponents is his growl, he says. As one of the few upperclassmen on the team he steps up ...

Fall Sports Preview: Boys Golf is Ready for a Big Win

Mendoza (12) and Culver (10) share many goals for this season, including they share quite including to winning more term goals, winning Regionals, going to State as a team, and winning 1st place at Tri-Peaks.

Sita Ahlen

September 19, 2014

    EDITORS NOTE UPDATE: Since this story was originally published Lucas Culver, Drew Mendoza, Adin Berns, and Ty Shaw qualified for state. Mendoza won Regionals.   Lucas Culver (10) and Drew Mendoza (12) both share the same aspirations for the last month of the golf se...

Fall Sports Profile: Volleyball’s Great Expectations

McKiel (11) has been a valuable player for the volleyball team since her freshman year.

Ted Weiss, Reporter

September 18, 2014

Last season (2013-14), Manitou volleyball exceeded expectations, making it all the way to state only to lose their last game in the state final to the Eaton Reds, who the mustangs had previously defeated earlier that season. Last year the Mustangs were coached and lead by Coach Benedict, who won ...

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