Goodbye, Mr. Positive Man

Phillip Cargile pulls his string of wagons and is wearing his famous BE POSITIVE sign in his home town Panama City, Florida.

Phillip Cargile pulls his string of wagons and is wearing his famous “BE POSITIVE” sign in his home town Panama City, Florida.

Sam Weiss

Editor’s Note: This article is currently popular on social media. We would like to alert our readers who have recently seen this article that it was published over two years ago, and is not current news. Thank you for reading!

Marcus Rodholm was driving home from school earlier this year when he saw a man pulling a string of wagons, holding up his right arm, and a sign around his neck saying “BE POSITIVE.”

“The sight of him was awfully distracting, but at the same time I was grateful for the reminder,” stated Rodholm.

Many local residents may have also seen this man, and his name is Phillip Cargile. Cargile has been parading around the streets on Manitou and Colorado Springs for several months. For fourteen years now, his goal has been to spread his positive vibes in places where tragedy has occurred. Cargile first came to Colorado after the movie theater shootings in Aurora and last summer’s floods brought him to Manitou.

Lately there has been no sign of Cargile or his wife since the couple has moved back to his home town of Panama City Beach, Florida. The reason is that he has recieved multiple tickets for walking on the street.

In an interview with the Gazette, Cargile claimed to have been harassed by police multiple times, finally to the point where he had to return home. Cargile’s wife, Cheryl, spoke about the harassment in the interview.

“We can’t afford a $100 ticket,” she said. “But if he’d done something wrong, we’d gladly pay it. We’d have to work hard. But we’d pay it.” Philip Cargile declined to be recorded for a comment.

 Many are disappointed to see the Wagon Man go, but agree that it is unsafe for him to walk in the road including local citizen, Cylinda Loftin Walker, who also thinks it would be safer for him walk on the sidewalk.

In a Facebook comment she stated, “I understand the need to praise the ‘good works’ of Philip, but even some of us residents asked him to comply with the sidewalk requirement due to too many close encounters with him and our vehicles to which he ignored just like the tickets.”

Obviously there are different opinions, and whether one agrees with Phillip Cargile’s practices or not, that is up to them, but many are appreciative for his efforts. The Wagon Man claims to have left because he was harrassed, however, many people are looking forward to seeing what he’ll do next in spreading his vibes across the U.S.

By Sam Weiss