Breaking News: Stacy Thomson returns to the front office


Stacy Thomson, current Administrative Assistant, and Andrew Rhodes (12) answer the phones in the front office on one of Thomson’s first days back.

Emily Waite, Editor-in-Chief

Stacy Thomson returned to her position as Administrative Assistant at Manitou Springs High School on Mar. 17, 2023.

Four weeks ago, Thomson announced that she would be leaving her position in the front office and moving into her new position as Human Resource Specialist for Manitou Springs School District. “It was a good experience. It was nice to try something new,” Thomson said. “I always say if you have an opportunity, take it and at least test the waters to see what you think.”

After being in her new position for several weeks, she came to the decision that it was not the right fit for her, and she wanted to return to her old position. “After being there for a couple of weeks, I just missed the staff and students so much that I had to make the decision that was right for me,” Thomson said. “Luckily Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Nunley still had this position available, and I was able to return.”

She is grateful to be back and has enjoyed the past two days. “It’s been so great just interacting with everybody and also being able to help Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Nunley plans the end of year activities for seniors and specially graduation,” Thomson said. “Just glad to be back in the swing of things.”

Students at MSHS are also grateful to have Thomson back. “We are so very grateful to have Stacy back,” Andrew Rhodes (12) said. “Since she’s back, my happiness is back.”

Thomson will continue to work alongside Sarah McAfee, Director of Human Resources at MSSD, in her position in the front office. “I’ll still be helping with subs and managing absences,” Thomson said. “That’s just one piece that I can manage throughout the day.”

Thomson plans to stay in this position for the foreseeable future. “I intend to stay in this community for the long term for however long that may be,” Thomson said.