Breaking News: Stacy Thomson accepts new position in the MSSD


Emily Waite

Ingrid Perez, Stacy Thomson and Gabriela Santos enjoying the last few days with Thomson in her position at MSHS.

Emily Waite, Editor-in-Chief

Stacy Thomson, current Administrative Assistant at Manitou Springs High School, is resigning from her position at MSHS and is moving into her new position as Human Resource Specialist for Manitou Springs School District on Mar. 24, 2023.

Thomson has been in her current position at MSHS since Aug. 2021. She recently saw an  offer for a higher position in MSSD and thought it would be a good fit. “I saw the offer posted on the website initially and it was something that had caught my eye,” Thomson said. “I’ve been wanting to advance myself in my career and this looked like a great opportunity.”

This new position will require a lot of knowledge on MSSD and to be a guide for new members of the Manitou family. “I’ll be doing a lot of onboarding new employees, welcoming new employees into this amazing school district by giving tours, and making sure people are familiar with the building and who they were working with,” Thomson said. 

Not only will Thomson have the opportunity to work more in MSHS, she will also be working with Manitou Springs Middle School, Manitou Springs Elementary School and Ute Pass Elementary School. “I’ll be working with all the schools in the districts and I will be working as a team with Sarah McAfee, who is the Director of Human Resources,” Thomson said.

“I think this is a big loss for us in the high school, but I am glad she is still in the district and still able to support us in this new role.”

— Gabriela Santas

Thomson is a vital part of the MSHS team and finding a replacement may be difficult. “I am not sure who will be taking over my position, but I do know that interviews for the position will be starting today,” Thomson said. “We may have several temporary substitutes that will step in for the next week or so until they find a good replacement.”

Her fellow co-workers are also very supportive of Thomson’s decision to advance her career. “I think it is a really good opportunity for human resources to have somebody who has worked in three of the four schools in the district,” Gabriela Santos, Physical Education and Health teacher at MSHS, said. “She knows people and she knows how different things operate in different buildings. To have that knowledge is going to be great for her and the district.”

Although the people around Thomson are supportive, they will also miss seeing her everyday. “I think this is a big loss for us in the high school, but I am glad she is still in the district and still able to support us in this new role,” Santos said.

Thomson is excited for her new position, but hopes to still keep her connections with people at MSHS. “I know my last day will be very hard, but I hope people will still come visit me across the street, because I know I will miss everyone a lot,” Thomson said.