Letter to the editor

Finian Dufford

Dear Editor:

When you first enter the school from the commons, the first thing you notice is the entire wall of trophies won by the previous classes. As you look up you then see the photos ranging from the 70s to the 2020s of past students and coaches after they won state, the trophies shine bright from the sun’s reflection and celebrate the sports side of Manitou. If you walk just a little further past the trophy case, turn left, walk down a ramp and look to your side, there is a dark and dusty cabinet with a “THANK YOU POLICE” message now painted on it, that is the knowledge bowl and theater cabinet. This is a perfect representation of how differently this school treats sports from the arts.

The cabinet contains trophies won by productions in the past, but now they are dusty, cold, and one is even broken (first place, pikes peak one act play competition 1986). When I first noticed this last year I wanted to talk to someone about it so it could potentially be fixed, so I went to Mrs Glass. When bringing it to her attention we went with Mr Jones to check out the trophy case and when wondering whether or not we could open it to potentially look at the broken trophy, they didn’t know where the key was. They asked around for a little to see if they knew where it was but at the end of the day the trophy was still broken and the case still dusty and forgotten.

This year with kindness week happening stucco painted on the glass hiding the trophies even more, it’s time we change this and clean that case, open it up, and fix that trophy because at the end of the day students that went here won that for our school. They spent months working on shows and practicing for the knowledge bowl to get those awards just so the future generation

can see them, but we have shoved them in the dark and forgotten them. I’m hoping that this letter informs people about this issue and we can change this.


Finian Dufford (11)