Letter to the editor

Kian O'Boyle

Dear Editor,

I walked into rec PE the other day; It was a normal PE class where we played some ridiculous game meant for elementary schoolers. None of the games improve my athletic abilities. I am one of the most coordinated kids in the class. This is sad because I am a runner and runners are generally uncoordinated but it still puts me ahead by miles because I have an athletic background.

When I can’t finish all my homework because of track practice or my job, it seems like PE class should be a good alternative for that time.

During Rec PE,  I was worried about getting my homework done and not thinking about the game we were playing. When the ball smacked me in the face later in the class I was not paying attention.

Usually, I’m fine participating in whatever game we are playing. On this day, however, I had already used my no dress and I still needed to complete my homework. I’m annoyed because Mr. Jeck pays significantly more attention to my participation than the participation of my less athletic classmates.

I have thought about skipping the class because my grades would not be impacted but I would not be allowed to participate in track practice after skipping class. Instead of no dress days, there should be “I’m already athletic and play 2-3 sports per season and can land a standing backflip” days.


Kian O’Boyle (12)