Dear Editor:

Many people have various views on how to teach students in the midst of quarantining. There have been many different opportunities offered for at home learning that have been effective while teaching us. Many students live different lives, for example, my dad has Multiple Sclerosis, carrying a very weak immune system. I also visit my grandparents often, while they take care of my great Grandma, who is 99 years old and has a weak immune system. I know that other students also are around loved ones and friends who are more susceptible and could die. Many others and I think that we should not be sending kids to school with a global pandemic going on. We have already been through two weeks of remote learning and it worked just fine with Google Meet calls. Though there can be technical difficulties and some students like myself have a very hard time focusing at home, I believe if we worked together and communicated thoroughly we could get through this. We all need to look at the importance of the bigger picture: 8.7 million lives in the U.S have been affected by Covid-19 and 225,000 people have died. Numbers have gone up by 43,000 since school has started. I strongly disagree with decisions being made throughout our school community and feel like we could social distance better, but I cannot do much because I am the student having to abide by the rules awaiting for another large Covid outbreak.

Sincerely, Makayla Thomas

Student at Manitou Springs High School