Dear Editor:

Distance Learning is not easy on many of the students at MSHS. In March when facing this challenge, grades were not looming over our heads.  Personal growth and self motivation drove the school days. In the current situation, stress is a common feeling in everyone. School has always been a place of escape. It separated priorities. It gave a safe place to be yourself around like minded people. During remote learning periods of time, there is no separation. School work is homework, and the ever abundant college essays are thrown into this mix. It feels as though it is one massive barrier that we must slowly chip through. While the health and safety of students, staff, and faculty, are a major concern, it seems as though mental health is not being considered. We all are living in a world going through a pandemic, a risk is taken by every person during this. Wearing masks for prolonged periods of time is not fun, but it is something we will continue to endure. Going back to school with a hybrid schedule was already like swimming against the current; but with the new changes, it is as if we are fighting an uphill, losing battle. The pressure this time around of grades is detrimental to stress levels. Work is piling up, despite spending 8 hours a day working on completing assignments. There is no end to the work, no break. The weekends are time of rest. It is one of the few times we can escape our houses and go out. If school work overlaps into this time, two decisions can be made. Sacrifice the break, or let the work pile continue to grow. We are trapped in a circle of work, living in a world of abnormality, expected to thrive as though everything is normal.

Sierra Dooley
Class of 2021