What You Need to Know about the Winter Dance


Kaylin Cole, Student Council Correspondent

Manitou Springs High School’s Winter Dance is here once again and we are in the midst of spirit week! The theme of the dance this year is, “A Journey Through the Seasons.” For spirit week, there are five different dress up days students are encouraged to participate in and each day is based off of one of the four seasons.

Monday was Ski Bum Day. Students were encouraged to dress up in their best ski and winter gear including ski goggles, gloves, scarves, and hats. Tuesday was Surfing USA. Students dressed up in floral shirts, sun glasses, leis, and inner tubes to rock this day.

The pep assembly for the dance was also held on Tuesday and was led by Mo Heiniger (12). There were a multitude of games aimed at involving all different types of students in the school. Athletes, drama students, teachers, and siblings were all asked to participate in games that left all spectators smiling and laughing. At the assembly, all students were encouraged to participate in the remaining dress up days and then attend the dance on Saturday.

Today, Wednesday, is Sweater Weather Day and all students are supposed to wear their best sweaters, boots, scarves, and hats to show school spirit for this day. Thursday is Class Colors Day and Friday is Green and Gold Day to end the week with a blast of school spirit.

The dance is on Saturday and the members of Student Council have put in hours of decoration time to make sure the dance is a success. The dance includes three side rooms (a movie room, a game room, and a photo booth) as well as a VIP lounge and a great DJ. The dance is going to be a blast so do not miss it!