Annual Craft Fair Attracts a Crowd


Mo Heiniger , Reporter

With planning starting as early as August, this year’s craft fair culminated on Nov. 19. Chairperson of the event Andrea Edwards (12) said, “There were more people involved than I thought that there would be. I had a committee with two other people. There was Mrs. Stoneback, obviously and then Ms. Wendy. She did a lot of stuff, like things that I wouldn’t even think of… There would have been no way that I could have done it without her.”

Mrs. Wendy Skokan has been a coordinator since the event’s beginning. As a crafter herself, Skokan found crafters from her own interactions as well as through a Facebook page, a Craigslist advertisement and a website that was tailor-made for the event. Skokan also reported that thousands of hours of effort were put in order to made this event a success.

Student Council and its representatives have helped organize this event for many years. With about 30 people involved with organizing this event, mostly student council members, the coordination was extensive. These students made decorations, hung advertising signs, made announcements, served concessions, recruited vendors, set up and tore down. Students from Student Council were required to decorate and set up for two hours the night before, serve concessions the day of, or assist crafters in set up or tear down for the event. There were about 26 craft vendors present the day of the event.

When asked about the changes to event, Skokan said, “It was in the smaller gym. I liked it. It was cozier and we couldn’t have had too many more vendors… It was cool and it had easier access with people that could just come in the side doors.”