Student Body Executive Board Members Announced


Aubrey Hall

The new executive board of Stuco for the 2016-2017 year: Lily Reavis (11), Monique Heiniger (11) and Amelia McKenzie (11). Not Pictured: Andrea Edwards (11).

Sita Ahlen, Sports and Activities Editor

On April 22, Manitou Springs High Schools’ new student body executive board was announced. After weeks of tireless campaigning, including hanging posters adorned with puns and passing out t-shirts and pins, four students have been voted into office to serve for the 2016-2017 school year.

During advisory on Wednesday, April 20, the candidates had 20 minutes to present their speeches and collectively share their views and appreciative remarks for the school. Voting began shortly after the speeches and closed the following Friday. The candidates nervously anticipated the results until 3:00pm on Friday, when they were released.

Voting was organized into three categories; the staff, Student Council, and student body. The vote was weighted to be based off of each category. The student body had 50% of the vote, Student Council had 25% and staff had 25%.

The candidates were: Bailey Eichers (11) and Lily Reavis (11) for president; Monique Heiniger (11) and Carli Nanfito (11) for vice president; Amelia McKenzie (11) for secretary; and Maddie Dayhoff (11) and Andrea Edwards (11) for treasurer.

Next year’s executive members of Manitou’s Student Council are:

President: Lily Reavis

Vice President: Monique Heiniger

Secretary: Amelia McKenzie

Treasurer: Andrea Edwards

Lily Reavis won the majority of each category. “I’m really excited for next year, and really honored that I was able to get elected. I think next year is going to be the best it can possibly be,” said Reavis. Reavis’ campaign was based off of increasing school spirit while continuing to be a passionate advocate for the student body.

Monique Heiniger attained the staff and student body votes, but lost the student council vote against Carli Nanfito for vice president. “Next year, I plan to work closely with other clubs in order to build spirit and positivity in the school,” said Monique Heiniger.

Andrea Edwards won the majority of the school in all three categories. Her goal is to make the remainder of her high school career fun for everyone.

Amelia McKenzie, who ran unopposed, is adamant to organize the school and its affairs.