14th Annual Craft Fair was the Best Yet

Madeline Davis (12) sits at her CraftzbyMadz booth. At the Craft Fair, she sold stickers and scrunchies that she made herself.

Ben Schwartz, Photo Editor

November 25, 2019

The 14th annual Craft Fair was a huge success and a great way to get everyone into the yuletide spirit. The Craft Fair provided opportunities for members of the community to sell unique and exquisite crafts, while shoppers have the opportunity to buy meaningful and personalized gifts for the Christmas...

Craft Time

Craft Time

Adele Goodwin, Henry Ilyasova, and Remi Hayek, Junior Reporters

December 7, 2018

On November 17th, Manitou Springs hosted a Craft Fair that had 71 local vendors. Crafting is a hobby billions of people of people worldwide participate in every single day. Many people express this in different ways: some make bracelets and necklaces out of beads, others could make doors and tables out...

Disco to Dabbing Episode 7: Miss Wendy talks Past, Future

Miss Wendy considered the question during the podcast. She was interviewed by Sage Stevens.

Kaitlyn Davidson, Sage Stevens, and Ryan Cantwell

May 4, 2016

Miss Wendy talks to Sage Stevens (10) about her experience as a high schooler at Coronado and the transition the school has gone through since her graduation, the benefits of being like a second mother to all of the MSHS students, and the effects of early exposure to Ipads. She also talks about her...

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