Disco to Dabbing Episode 7: Miss Wendy talks Past, Future


Miss Wendy considered the question during the podcast. She was interviewed by Sage Stevens.

Miss Wendy talks to Sage Stevens (10) about her experience as a high schooler at Coronado and the transition the school has gone through since her graduation, the benefits of being like a second mother to all of the MSHS students, and the effects of early exposure to Ipads.

She also talks about her concerns about safety and insurmountable pressure put on the MSHS student by colleges, parents and sports. “I wish I could take magic wand and make it all better,” Miss Wendy says during the interview, “It’s so hard for you guys in this day and age.”

For more on the interesting interview with one of the most beloved faculty in the school, listen to this weeks episode of Disco to Dabbing: