14th Annual Craft Fair was the Best Yet

Ben Schwartz, Photo Editor

The 14th annual Craft Fair was a huge success and a great way to get everyone into the yuletide spirit. The Craft Fair provided opportunities for members of the community to sell unique and exquisite crafts, while shoppers have the opportunity to buy meaningful and personalized gifts for the Christmas season, or maybe just that pair of earrings or candle that caught their eye. In any case, the tasty food, rare and beautiful items, welcoming smiles and amazing deals were all aspects of the fair that came together to create a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone. Crafters marketed a fresh stock on candles, artwork, twisted wire trees and many other exhibitions this year, much to the excitement of the shoppers who also attend regularly. 

Shoppers found all kinds of items at the Craft Fair, from stuffed and knitted wool in the shape of a favorite animal to glass earrings for special occasions and candles for room accessorizing. The Craft Fair was a perfect way for community members to showcase their particular talent with a specific medium: whether it be paints, soaps, wax or metal. Creations from local vendors also meant that shoppers could find unique and personalized items at a lower price than they might find purchasing through big brand names: same quality and originality with better prices.

“I start planning for it pretty much right after it happens, but August is when it really gets going,” said Wendy Skokan, a staff member at MSHS who plans the Craft Fair each year, “We have about 70 vendors now but when we started we used to have maybe 10 to 12 at the most. We try to keep a wide selection of people and crafts.”

The Craft Fair allowed for student crafters to display their skills and passions. Madeline Davis (12) has marketed her unique and creative stickers at the last two fairs, “The fact that it’s local and that it’s at the school that I go to, I feel like I have a better connection to the school and the community,” said Davis. Ava Christian (9), Ayla Lehner (10), and Sabrina Randolph (12) were just a few of the other students who also presented their crafts at the fair. Manitou is all about student representation and the Craft Fair was a convenient opportunity for Mustangs to show off their spectacular work. “It’s a local event, it supports… people that you know in the community. You get to see a lot of cool things that you wouldn’t usually get to see… and it’s just a more personal experience,” said Christian.

With the multitudes of crafters, unique items, food vendors and shoppers, Manitou held yet another successful Craft Fair, making it one of the experiences that makes Manitou Springs that much more special.