Manitou District Earns “Healthy School Champion” Title


Sarah Bogush, Reporter

As of now, our district is deemed the “Healthy School Champions”of 2015. This is the first time that all four of our schools, including Ute Pass, Manitou Springs Elementary, the middle school, and the high school, have earned that title together.

The Healthy School Program evaluates districts on their in school environments. Because of our exceptional leadership skills and acceptance throughout the schools, we’ve been recognized for it. With this award, students should take pride in our behaviors as we continue to make our community a safer place. Not only are the behaviors notable, but many students have also shown a vigor to learn.

Along with the students, each school has a few recognizable co-leaders in the community. A special thanks to these teachers and staffs members: Joleen Schnake and Beth Romano of Ute Pass Elementary, Melissa Loftin and Jessica Larsen of Manitou Elementary, Anne Collopy and Fran McGee from Manitou Middle School, and Jaclyn Roberson and Angie Glass from Manitou High School. These teachers have helped us to make strives by showing us how to build a healthy atmosphere.

Congratulations to the Manitou Mustangs!