Loss Against Peyton for Wrestling Team

Sarah Bogush and Sita Ahlen

On Tuesday, January 26, Manitou had a brief meet against Peyton, with only 5 matches and a number of forfeits.

With four losses and only one match left, Atticus Fredrickson (11) pulled through and won the first few points for Manitou. Due to all of the forfeits, the final score totaled to 30-46 with Peyton in the lead.

Although the meet was tough, Manitou displayed a good defense. They prolonged each match for an impressive amount of time and were able to hold their ground to the best of their ability.

As regionals are approaching on February 13, the team must prepare within the next three meets. Regionals will be held at Lamar High School. If the team performs well against the opposing teams, they have the potential to qualify for state on February 18 and 19.