Winter Sports Profile: Cole Sienknecht Excels on Varsity Team

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

Cole Sienknecht (10) joined the basketball team during his freshman year of high school. He managed to impress the coaches with his skill and expertise, and was chosen to join the varsity team. He was placed as the point guard and shooting guard for the team, of which the coaches claim he is exceptional at.

Currently, he’s played 47 games throughout his entire high school career. With an average of 9.1 points per game, he has achieved a total of 426 points. His free throw percentage stands at 63%, which is significantly higher than the national average.

Since freshman year, Sienknecht’s game stats have graduated from 7.4 points per game to 10.8 points. As far as his shooting average goes, he’s nearly doubled his capability from 178 to 248 points.

“Cole has improved in all aspects of the game and continues to develop into a complete player,” Coach Ken Vecchio says, commenting on how the varsity player has excelled. He continues to expect Sienknecht to improve, and claims that he’ll become a very accomplished player if he sticks with it and commits to playing basketball.

“He plays both point guard and shooting guard, doing a great job at both positions,” says Vecchio,  “By the time he graduates from high school, he will be an accomplished player.”

“I thought our season went well, everyone on the team competed in practice and games, couldn’t have asked for better teammates to make it to state with.” Cole may be the youngest on the team, but he seen as a team captain. As far as his future goes, he wishes to continue playing basketball at a college level. From growing up as a basketball player, it has influenced him to make better decisions and become a better leader.