Zach McGee
Zach, or LegoZ, is a Junior who enjoys sports. His favorite sports are football, basketball, and baseball. Zach also partakes in finger-boarding, or, playing with a little toy skateboard. He would rate himself "pro-status" and recommends that beginners "flick their wrist." He doesn't use folders, he is a natural blonde, and his favorite animal is the Zebra. He avidly listens to Queen and his favorite book is Desert Solitaire. Sleeping is his favorite activity when he is not playing/watching/thinking about/talking about/reading about/researching sports. He is rather upset about the lack of scientific evidence about shark mating. He cares about the environment and actively participates in Worrrms. He would like to visit either Iceland (though, he has already been there), Greenland (despite the cold weather), or Greece (because of his love for the beach.) Apart from frequent football practices, Zach, an introvert, prefers to keep to himself.




He aspires to be better than everyone else.

Zach McGee, Reporter

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Zach McGee