App Review: Stack


Zach McGee, Reporter

One of the latest free and addictive games on the App Store is a game called, “Stack”. Stack was created by a group of App developers that call themselves Ketchapp. Ketchapp aims to create the best and most addictive games they can, and then put them on the App Store to offer entertainment for people all over the globe.

Stack is their most recent development. Overall, this game has four and a half stars on the App Store. It has almost 13,000 reviews, which are mostly positive. Though the graphics are very simple they are very beautiful. The concept of this game is to stack blocks as high as possible. This creates a game with no real end goal. It has no end achievement or any possible way to win. The only concept is to make your tower as high as you possibly can.

For every new game you start, you start your power over again. The color scheme changes as well. You start with a large block and try to align that block perfectly with the previous one. If you mess up with this task, then you lose some of your block and the next one becomes smaller. You then stack until you cant fit any part of your block on the last one, and it falls to its demise. For every block you stack you gain a point. This is what gives you your overall score.

In my opinion this game is overall a very well developed game. It gets the players attention and makes them want to keep playing which works well with most apps on the App Store. I would give this game a rating of four stars. It did not get the full five because of the lack of achievements. The simplicity of this game will be its downfall in the near future but I look forward to what other apps that Ketchapp will soon develop.