Final Installment: Mighty Five on Fridays (on Tuesday)


James Baker and Zach McGee


This week’s Mighty Five features Jared Keul, all of our wonderful teachers, the foreign students attending our school this year: Jay, Akseli, Poe, Santiago, Asma, And Nastya, the entire graduating senior class, and saving the very best for the very last, Zach McGee. Jared won two state titles in track last weekend one in the 800m and another with Bryce Coop, Lucas Rodholm, and Connor Plackis in the 4-400m, an absolutely amazing feat. It goes without saying that the teachers did an amazing job putting up with and educating the students of Manitou springs this year. The group of foreign exchange students succeeded in adapting to American life and even excelled in a school that teaches in a language that is not their own home language. The seniors persevered through 4 years of high school and finally were able to get out of high school and into the world of adulthood. Great job seniors! Zach responsible for the show that is the Mighty Five, so in his honor ( as he was not there for the final segment ) he earns the top spot on this special, and last, edition of the Mighty Five.