Review: Are Free Games on The App Store Worth Your Time?

Zach McGee, Repoter

The App Store is chalk full of free games that are either very entertaining, very boring or just not worth your time. After taking a random sample of three of the newer versions of some of these free games, I have learned one thing. Most of these are not worth your time. I choose some of the top rated and newest apps that have been released on the App Store.

IMG_5188The first game that I downloaded was “The Bomb!.” This is a type of un-winnable game. Though it can be addictive it wears out and gets frustrating and flat out boring after a while. The graphics are very simple and has one-touch controls which make the game as simple as possible. It starts out particularly slow while you try and defuse this bomb. As the game continues it gets super faced paced and you get less and less time to defuse the bomb. Though it gets a lot of high rated reviews on the App Store, in my opinion this game is not even close to being, The Bomb!

The second free game that I decided to get from the App Store is called FlyIMG_5190 O’Clock. This is a highly addictive game that reminds me of something from the arcade. The object of this game is to not get squashed by a clock. You play as a fly but you can change characters as you get further through the game. You can also customize these characters with outfits, which adds to the overall achievements to this game. Also, you can unlock different clocks to play on. Because of the semi-addictive personality this game offers, I would rate it two stars out of five, still continuing to prove the point that free games on the App Store are not usually worth your time.

IMG_5189The last app that I downloaded was called Faily Brakes. This game has a lot of originality, which caught my attention right away. After playing for a while I still do not know what the object of the game is. You start out in your car and your brakes fail which leads you in to a canyon. You then have to navigate your way through the canyon with some of the most difficult controls I have ever used. You can unlock cars and different characters as you move through the game and earn more money. Money is made by getting further and further through the canyon but you also get money when you crash in to things which is the reason that I still am unsure of the objective. The originality of this game really made it enjoyable for me. I would rate this game with three stars not because it is not a super enjoyable game but because it has an original idea.

This random sample that was taken of these games just proves to show that most free games that are on the App Store nowadays are not very fun and enjoyable to play. Most of these are ad games. This means they’ve only become popular because whoever developed them was able to pay people to advertise these games so people would download them. In reality if these games did not have advertisements of them going around then they would not be popular. In conclusion, most free games are a waste of your time.