Homecoming 2016: What to Expect

Kaitlyn Cashdollar, Senior Reporter

Last week, the official theme of the 2016 Homecoming was announced: “Off to Neverland with a mix of Enchanted Forest”. Student Council decided to combine both themes because of a tie when the student body voted. According to Alice Stoneback, this is the first tie she has ever seen. It’s typically not even close. Some ideas that Student Council members had that didn’t make it to the final themes were: Out On the Prairie, A Day on the Beach, Italian Serenade, Twinkling Lights, A Hero’s Homecoming, and Down by the Sea.

However, according to Amelia McKenzie (12) “Off To Neverland” was the most put together, especially in its presentation to the student body. The dress up days were voted on by StuCo the Thursday afterwards. “Monday is a p.j. day. It’s the flight to Neverland, so because this is largely based off the Disney animated version of Peter Pan, everyone just gets to wear p.j.’s to school because that’s what Wendy and her brothers were wearing when they flew to Neverland. Tuesday, the staff are pirates and the student body are the lost boys and fairies. Staff just wear bandanas, hooks, button up shirts, and crazy cuffs and stuff. There are a number of different interpretations for lost boys. You can dress in kind of raggedy looking clothes, or have animalistic features. Then fairies have fairy wings, and cute little dresses or cute little outfits. Wednesday is Mermaid’s Lagoon day, and because it’s kind of hard to dress up as a mermaid, people are going to be wearing tropical patterns and floatation devices. Of course, then there’s Class Colors day and Green and Gold day,” McKenzie said.

Last year, during Snowcoming, StuCo tried something new with their dances. They had a section in the foreign language hallway, where if students didn’t want to spend the whole time in the dance room, they could catch a break. This year, there will be games, a movie, and maybe even a Photo Booth. As for the decorations, there will be a number of decorations based off of the Disney animated version of Peter Pan, including a pirate type section, a pixie hollow, and tropical and forested hallways.

If Mustangs want more information about the events occurring Homecoming week, another article describes them in detail. Read it here.