This Homecoming Was Dino-Mite

Melissa MacDonald (12) cheers to the crowd as she walks the streets of Manitou during the Homecoming parade.

Ben Schwartz, Photo Editor

September 23, 2019

  Homecoming week was a huge hit at Manitou Springs High School this year. The week was fun-filled and action-packed with a mix of classic homecoming activities all centered around the theme Jurassic Park. Every day there was a new event: a hallway decorating contest, dress-up days, a drive-in m...

Mustangs Fall Short to Valley at Homecoming Game

Sophomore Tate Christian sprints down the field, eluding multiple Valley defenders along the way.

Zak Talbot, Copy Editor

September 20, 2019

There are few weeks in a year where an entire city shifts its focus to one thing, and even fewer when the focus isn’t a holiday. Although, in a way, homecoming is a holiday to the city of Manitou Springs, and the feeling of excitement and anticipation yet again filled the atmosphere of the tow...

Football Victorious in Homecoming Game

The Mustangs get set for the upcoming play. Throughout the game the Mustangs continued to be prepared for the Pirates plays.

Zak Talbot, Reporter

October 2, 2017

Whether it's the various school sanctioned events or the crucial sports games being played, Homecoming Week is always one to look forward too. For this year's Homecoming game, Manitou Springs High School played Englewood. During practice in the previous week, players prepared mentally and physically...

Manitou Art Center Builds Electric Car Charging Station

Manitou is the only school in the state with an electric car. It was made by the wood-shop class in 1994.

Kaitlyn Cashdollar, Senior Reporter

October 21, 2016

In January, the MAC installed a electric car charging station. One obstacle was the enormous brick walls at the Manitou Art Center (MAC). They are particularly thick, so it took six hours to drill through them. Once the walls were taken care of, however, it only took another three hours to insta...

Homecoming Dance Successful

Homecoming Dance Successful

Yuji Zhong, Reporter

October 12, 2016

The 2016 homecoming dance took place on Oct.1. The theme was "Off to Neverland" with a mix of "Enchanted Forest". The dance started at 8:00pm and officially ended at 11:00pm. Students checked in at the door, waiting for Wendy Skokan and Alice Stoneback to put a star-shaped stamp on their hands. There...

Annual Movie Night Starts Homecoming Week Off

Lizzy Butts (9), Peter March (9), Parker Hall (9), Aubrey Hall (11), Lily Reavis (12) and Mo Heiniger (12) enjoy the movie in the back of Reavis' car.

Mo Heiniger, Reporter

October 5, 2016

After deliberation over what movie to play, as there are many films that align with the "Off to Neverland" theme of this year's Homecoming Dance, Student Council members from Manitou Springs High School decided to play Disney's original Peter Pan cartoon at this year's Homecoming Movie Night. On Saturday,...

Annual Powderpuff Game Carries Tradition

Maddie Grant (10), Bridget Bodor (10), and Trina Borst (10) participate in the team's motivational cheer.

Kaitlyn Cashdollar and Zoe Schnurman

September 29, 2016

The annual powderpuff football game took place on Sept. 26. The game consisted of two 20-minute halves. The two teams were made up of the juniors, who wore black jerseys, and the seniors and sophomores, who sported white jerseys. Many people were impressed by the turnout at the game. William Brown, ...

Preview: Homecoming Game Against Lamar

Ninth in the ranks, the Mustangs took on the Faith Christian Eagles on Friday Sept. 16.

Talia Traxler and Thomas Hudson

September 28, 2016

As Manitou Springs High School prepares for the festivities of homecoming, the clash of orange and green looms on everyone's minds. The Mustangs, led by Cole Sienknecht (12), will be taking on the Lamar Savages this Friday, September 30, at 7pm. Let's look at the matchup. Manitou has started off the...

Homecoming 2016: What to Expect

Homecoming 2016: What to Expect

Kaitlyn Cashdollar, Senior Reporter

September 22, 2016

Last week, the official theme of the 2016 Homecoming was announced: "Off to Neverland with a mix of Enchanted Forest". Student Council decided to combine both themes because of a tie when the student body voted. According to Alice Stoneback, this is the first tie she has ever seen. It's typically...

Homecoming 2016: Events and Details

The senior class shows their school pride by throwing green and gold streamers. The goal was for the senior class to show the most spirit.

David Misyura, Reporter

September 22, 2016

Homecoming is almost upon us, and everyone is mentally preparing for all the festivities to come. Even if some of us won't be participating in the events or dress-up days, it's always good to know what's ahead of us, from September 24 to the first of October. Saturday the 24 consists of the first...

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