Disco to Dabbing Episode 7: Mahalia Henschel Talks About Generational Changes


Sage Stevens

Henschel is a member of the cheer team, a track member, and president of the student body

In this episode, Kaitlyn Davidson (10) interviews 2016 Student Body President, Mahalia Henschel (12), about her high school experience, as well as her parents and her predictions about the next generation’s teenage years. She recounts some of her favorite stories from her high school (including when she tried to sneak out for a special mission) as well as the lessons she learned along the way.

How has technology effected her? What decade would she love to live in? These questions among others are answered in this installment of Disco to Dabbing.

This episode was edited and produced by Ryan Cantwell, Sage Stevens and Kaitlyn Davidson. Listen to the entire podcast here!