Student Council Class Boards Announced

Kaitlyn Davidson, Reporter

Recently, the online vote concluded, revealing the 2016-2017 Student Council. Only 251 students voted in the online survey that was sent out to all students via email. Votes have been decreasing yearly, although numbers of candidates are steadily climbing.

Some classes were very competitive, with two people running for every position, while other classes housed many individual candidates. Candidates that didn’t win the vote for their position are interviewing against others for the one representative position for each grade.

The interviews for Class Representatives will take place May 16 and 17.

This is next year’s Student Council Class Executive boards:

Freshman Class Board: (98 votes)
President: Grayson Bodor
Vice President: Parker Hall
Secretary: Mitchell Wright
Treasurer: Melissa MacDonald

Sophomore Class Board: (77 votes)
President: Katie Robbins
Vice President: Jayden Omi
Secretary: Dani Arabia
Treasurer: Quinn Hersey

Junior Class Board: (45 votes)
President: Amanda Nagel
Vice President: Maddie Butts
Secretary: Kaitlyn Davidson
Treasurer: Aubrey Hall

Senior Class Board: (51 votes)
President: Emma Abendroth
Vice President: Bailey Eichers
Secretary: Maddie Dayhoff
Treasurer: Kaylin Cole