MSHS Puts on Masquerade Prom

Sarah Bogush, Reporter

Held at the Mining Exchange Hotel, this year’s prom was an eventful night. With the theme being “Unmask the Night”, students dressed up in masquerade masks for the beginning of the night. Included in the venue was an outdoor balcony decorated with fairly lights and heat lamps, where students had the opportunity to cool down before continuing on with the night. During the dance, there was an open dessert buffet with an ice cream bar and plenty of drinks to go around. The DJs made sure to bring back some old pop favorites like LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem and Cupid’s Cupid Shuffle, which almost the entire crowd took apart in.

Near the end of the dance, the winners of prom court were announced. The senior candidates for prom king were Luke Ganger (12) and Steven Jensen (12), with the prom queen nominees being Hayley Hamblin (12) and Mia Elliott (12). After a suspenseful silence, Hamblin and Jensen were crowned the winners. Shortly after, they proceeded to the annual dance for the king and queen while their classmates joined in.

Alike previous years, the after-prom party was held at the Springs Trampoline Park. Plenty of food was served at the taco bar, along with a raffle for prizes like a television, Beats, and a gift card. Being that there was no rule on who could attend, many underclassmen took advantage of the 3am party.

Prom is an annual event, and the juniors are in charge of it. Who knows what next year’s theme will be?